Patient Care

Providing the highest quality patient care and driving innovation in pediatric healthcare is our top priority.

The Vision and Mission of Texas Children's

Length: 05:43

The vision and mission of Texas Children's is straight forward. It is quality and excellence in 4 areas: patient care, education, research and charity care.

The Hospital’s First Doc

Length: 03:09

Radiologist Dr. Edward Singleton remembers, reflects and reminds us why he’s been at Texas Children’s for its entire 60-year existence.

Surgeries That Seem Impossible are Performed at Texas Children’s Hospital

Length: 02:26

Even the surgeries that don’t make the 6:00 news require the best surgeons and can change the life of a child like Nick forever.

Sick Babies and Concerned Parents—As Close as They Can Be

Length: 01:45

At Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, families can stay in the room with their baby while he or she is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The ability for families to be as close as possible is helping infants heal and grow faster.

Our Newest Chapter: Women’s Services

Length: 01:29

Even with every preventive measure in place, women can still face some serious gynecologic challenges, as in the case of our patient Hazel. We are here to help. Texas Children’s cares for women—all women—through every stage of life.

Focusing on the Fight Against Cancer

Length: 03:17

State-of-the-art therapies and targeted treatment combinations are used in the care of 10-year-old Morgan, one of many children being treated for pediatric cancers at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Community Care Out West

Length: 02:36

Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus offers comprehensive pediatric care—including a 24-hour emergency center—for families in West Houston.

A Global Answer to Childhood Cancer

Length: 04:48

In Botswana, the survival rate for children with pediatric cancer has tripled thanks to our efforts around the world. Texas Children’s is making a global difference.

We’re Having A Baby!

Length: 01:53

Every day couples become parents at Texas Children’s Hospital. This life-changing event is made all the more special by a team of physicians and nurses who are trained to usher new lives into the world.

From Across the World for Maternal Care

Length: 02:18

Women enduring high-risk pregnancies travel to Texas Children’s from across the globe. Here they find the best care for themselves and their high-risk or premature infants.

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