Patient Stories

Logan Fights Cancer Like A Superhero

Logan Gans' journey began when he came down with what seemed like a cold. After being diagnosed with Leukemia, Logan endured months of difficult treatments. In 2020, Logan 'rang the bell' signifying the end of his cancer treatment!

Texas Children's Performs Life-saving Surgery Before Birth

Doctor's discovered a tumor that covered Arya's face while she was still in her mother's womb. Learn how Texas Children's performed the surgery that saved her life.

Charity Care Relieves Family Of a Heavy Burden

Rafe Hibben was born with hypotonic cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment and a global developmental delay. Not only were his body muscles weak, but his brain and eyes were not communicating with each other.

Groundbreaking Procedure Gives New Hope

When Kristi went to her doctor in Louisiana for a follow-up sonogram during her pregnancy, she never imagined that the very next day she’d be in Houston at Texas Children’s Hospital fighting to save her twin boys’ lives.

Texas Children’s physicians treat rare disease

By the time he was just three months old, Tate Tucker had suffered from a long list of infections, including fungal pneumonia. His local doctors and parents were baffled at first. What was making this baby boy so sick?

Hope Springs from Rare Diagnosis

Six-year-old Deconc Bradley keeps smiling through Jarcho-Levin Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that comes with a grim diagnosis.

Eden's Story: A Cancer with No Name

When Eden was diagnosed with a form of cancer no one had ever seen before, her family knew they needed Texas Children's.

Pioneering Surgery at Texas Children's

Asher Matthews received a breakthrough surgery before he was even born. Asher’s diaphragm had a hole in it, and most of his abdominal organs had entered his chest, making it difficult for his lungs to grow and develop properly.

Getting It All Back: Extracurricular Activities Return for Many Cancer Patients

After receiving care at Texas Children’s, it wasn’t long before Laurel Batchelder started back to school and became involved in her normal extracurricular activities.

One Family's Loss Sparks Charitable Giving

After losing their daughter, Vanessa, to a heart defect, this family started a foundation to help cardiac patients at Texas Children’s.

Swift Action Saves Patient with Rare Autoimmune Disorder

When Hadley arrived at Texas Children’s Hospital four years ago, she was close to death. Immediately, doctors and nurses sprang into action.

A Mother's Intuition

In a very short period of time, Hannah went from being a healthy toddler to being unable to walk. Read about her journey back to good health.

Help for a Young Hero with Half a Heart

Aiden Rodgers—a young hero with half a heart—beats the odds, with help from Texas Children’s Hospital.

Texas Children's Emergency Care Saves a Young Life

Texas Children’s got Madeline back in the saddle again after she was seriously injured by a horse.

Conroe Family Overcomes a Leukemia Diagnosis

Brandi and Kevin Cox never imagined it would happen to their child—but a cancer diagnosis was unfortunately in the cards for this family.

A Double Miracle

One family fights breast cancer and a heart transplant

Complex Disorder Doesn’t Stop This Cool Kid

You can’t ignore Ryan’s warm smile, big personality and cool orange glasses—even in the face of mitochondrial disease.

Kangaroo Crew to the Rescue

A serious scare resulted in an emergency transport and 10 days at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Overcoming the Odds

Riley has battled a variety of ailments including cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a brain malformation. Today, she is a happy child. While her health may always be fragile, her family is grateful that her diagnosis remains stable.

Meet Lynlee, who was born twice

While in the womb, Lynlee, had a large tumor in her tailbone. Without surgery, doctors feared she wouldn’t survive. Texas Children’s gave her family hope.

Hope for Lydia Texas Children's

Amy and Joe Krese wanted their two-year-old son to be a big brother. After three miscarriages, their dream was finally coming true. Amy was pregnant with a baby girl, Lydia.

Wise Beyond her Years

A battle with cancer already behind her, 8-year-old Avaya truly realizes how blessed she is to be enjoying such an active and healthy life.

Hope Begins Here

Natalie never thought the “shape of a lemon” would change her life. But at the 12-week ultrasound during her pregnancy, she was told that her tiny daughter’s brain was shaped like a lemon. The doctor said it indicated that her little Emerson had spina bifida.

Compassion During an Unexpected Tragedy

A grave diagnosis during the holiday season brings joy in a different way.

Carefully Monitored Pregnancy Results in Healthy Baby

At 32 weeks into her pregnancy, pediatric nurse Christie Husband learned that her unborn baby had only one kidney. Texas Children’s stepped in to provide just the right care.

Baby Born Perfect After Receiving Treatment in the Womb

After receiving the devastating news that their unborn son had a potentially fatal condition, these parents put his life in the hands of Texas Children’s medical team.

We are all connected at the heart

When Rachel and Levi found out that Rachel was pregnant with their first child, a son, they chose the name Leo, after Levi’s grandfather. The Hebrew name, Lev, means heart. Little did they know what the word “heart” would come to mean to them.

Papas and Pizzas: Bonding Over NICU Experiences

A brave father starts a support group for fathers with children in the NICU.

A Race Against Time

When he was just two months old, Brayden was fighting for his life -- and a whole team of caregivers at Texas Children’s was fighting right along with him.

Texas Children's Cancer Center Steps in to Save a Young Family

Texas Children’s outsmarted a “tricky” blood disorder to save Brooke’s life.

Being at the Right Hospital

Aspen Alfred was born weighing only 3 pounds 12 ounces and had four holes in her heart, along with many other complications. Learn how Texas Children’s provided the right care at the right time.

Rocky Start—Smooth Landing

The first few months of Audrey Patrick’s life were spent in the NICU. Today, she is growing and thriving.

Rory Triumphs Over Odds

At three years of age, Rory underwent her fifth open heart surgery. Despite the odds, Rory’s surgeon was able to do what seemed impossible—repair her heart in a way that could give her a future.

Childhood Cancer Patient Turns Firefighter

Eric Juergen was 2 years old when his sitter noticed one day that he wasn’t in the mood to eat or play—he just wasn’t acting like himself. A visit to the pediatrician’s office ultimately led the family to Texas Children’s Hospital.

From hydrops to hope

If you met Amelia Grace, you would be best friends immediately. The 4-year-old never meets a stranger. While in the womb, Amelia developed a condition called hydrops — an excessive accumulation of fluid that is fatal if left untreated.

NICU Staff Saves Tiny Lives

Caroline Cooper was born weighing 1 pound, 14 ounces. Today, Caroline is a spunky 8 year old—thanks to Texas Children’s.

Beating the Odds

Jana and her husband were so excited when they learned she was pregnant with twins. One of the twins, Whit, was so active at Jana’s 24-week ultrasound that it was hard to grasp what they were told by a high-risk obstetrician afterwards.

Batten Disease Diagnosis Sparks Family’s Advocacy

Herndon began to hold his books close to his face. He then struggled to know what color things were. These were the signs that warned of something serious.

Beating the Odds of Gastroschisis

Ella was born needing surgery for the intestines growing outside her body. Now 7, she’s become an example for other babies with the same condition.

Open heart surgery at four days old

Born with a life-threatening condition, Stockton’s life was in jeopardy. At four days old, he underwent his first open heart surgery. Read Stockton’s story.

Surgery Before Birth Changes Abdiel’s Life

Texas Children’s Hospital fetal surgery to repair spina bifida birth defect saves child from paralysis, brain damage and other life-altering complications.

Little Heart Warrior

Charlie was diagnosed in utero with two congenital heart defects and would need open-heart surgery to correct them once he was born.

Discovering Good in the Midst of Difficulties

Tracey and Xavius Parker encountered quality, family-centered care during their child’s life-threatening illness.

The Watson Family Puts a Face on Juvenile Batten Disease

This family turned to Texas Children’s for help in their battle against batten disease.

From heartache to hope

Learn how Eli went from being in grave danger while still in his mother's womb to the happy 1-year-old he is today.

Noah and Sammy's Story

When Noah and Sammy were released from the hospital, they still had a lot of work ahead of them, especially when it came to different kinds of therapy.

Bell Ringing Signals Victory

Peyton, 16, looks back at the beginning of her 3-year cancer treatment journey. At the time, she couldn’t imagine what the future would bring. Would she lose her hair, would treatment be successful, would she ever get a chance to ring the victory bell at Texas Children’s?

When Least Expected

A Vannie Cook Clinic Social Worker’s Story of Gratitude, Perspective and Determination

When Least Expected

A Vannie Cook Clinic Social Worker’s Story of Gratitude, Perspective and Determination

Third Open Heart Surgery in Near Future

At 20 weeks gestation, Leigh Ann Cribbs’ parents received news that no parent ever wants to hear: their daughter had hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

More Miracles Are on the Way

Keller's mother knew something was wrong, and by the time they arrived at St. Luke’s, Keller's lips had turned blue. As told by Kristina, Keller's mother.

“Now every day is the best day of our lives!”

Victoria was 18 months old when she began her battle against cancer. She was victorious in that battle because she received the very best care -- and because of the support of friends like you.

Innovative Heart Procedure Saves a Baby's Life

Born three months early, Kaylin also had three heart defects. It was touch and go until doctors at Texas Children's performed an innovative procedure that saved her life.

A Second Chance at Life

As their baby, Parson Blue, struggled to breathe, her parents knew something was wrong. They never dreamed she would need a lung transplant to save her life.

Texas Children's Transplant Team Saves Peyton

Three years ago, Peyton was fighting for her life as she awaited a liver transplant. Today, she is happy and healthy. Learn what happened in between.

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